So, My Pedagogy II Students Started Working on an English Textbook

In the Fall of 2013, my Pedagogy II students built a prototype textbook using iBooks Author by Apple. Each student was responsible for a chapter to be included in the text. I had hoped that there would be enough students to be able to work in groups to build the chapters and make sure they […]


Edgycation 91 – Paradise Lost

We are back from the islands, now into the heart of the concrete jungle. Well, a karaoke box in Umeda, but close enough. Interesting in writing centers? Good, This will have some good info for you. I’ll have a YouTube link for you soon.


Edgycation 90 – video up on YouTube

Curious what the scenery is like? Check it out here!


Edgycation TESOL 90 – In Paradise

The New show is up and there is a ton of stuff to talk about. The summary in the podcast is pretty narrow focusing mostly on the content of the show. But allow me to introduce Joachim Castellano! He is a fellow ADE from up in the Kanto area. If you have been going back […]


Mathalicious screams “Khaaaaaaaaaan”

I know, I should have found a copy of the YouTube video of Kirk screaming, but you get the idea. Mathalicious.com seems like a nice site. Integrated math skills tied to real world objects. I’m not entirely sure that they are real world problems, partially because I am not willing to actually pay to look […]

Digital Technologies in Foreign Language Learning

Looking forward to this conference. I have a paper in for consideration for it. I’ll find out if it will be accepted in a couple of weeks. Here is the link to the site. Either way, I am interested in seeing James Paul Gee. It looks like a fair chunk of his work will be […]